Bush Kinder goes bush within 5km!

Angus Adams

Covid regulations require flexibility and thinking outside the box, so when The Farmhouse’s Bush Kinder program needed their big bush trip to be within a 5km radius of their home site, the Mansfield district delivered! Normally these adventurers would be out at Sheepyard Flat walking original cattlemen tracks to Fry’s Hut, but Lockdown 6.0 put a pause on that.

Loyola Bushland Reserve is now home to the Bush Kinder program, where children enjoyed a wonderful day of glorious weather last Wednesday.

“The richness of the site extends on the children’s cultural and local knowledge as well as encouraging responsibility for our environment through sustainable practices. The importance of connectedness is even more evident at the moment so these bush experiences support children’s wellbeing through mindfulness practices as they connect to the natural environment”, said Rachel Devere, Bush Kinder Educator.

Left to right: Trent Comerford, Rohan Hoffrichter (back), Ethan Prosser, Sophie Weatherhead, and Summer Morgan

After a big bush walk and humming to surrounding bird song, “Let’s move this branch”, came Trant Comerford’s call mid-afternoon. But the branch was long and heavy. More and more children joined the crusade as the call for help was heard to ring out, “We need more friends !”. When most children had gathered to lend a hand and their muscles, the branch was moved, much to Trent’s delight! Where it landed was a little wonky so the result was an exciting surprise. “It’s a seesaw!” the children cried and instantly about 8 children were on each end having the most wonderfully pure and spontaneous fun. “Their laughter rang through the bush and everyone was smiling from ear to ear. It was such a beautiful moment”, recalled Kim Stoney, Founder of The Farmhouse.

“We’re thrilled by the children’s enthusiasm for this engaging bush setting so we’re delighted to now incorporate Loyola Bushland Reserve in our ongoing program”, said Kim Stoney. “This is the most wonderful silver lining from lockdown restrictions – what a pure delight!”.

Jordana Mouratidis and Evie Carton

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