Our Team

Our team are passionate Educators who place your child’s interests, care and wellbeing first and foremost. When you come for a tour you’ll meet them and feel free to chat further with them.

The journey

Kim Stoney began working towards building this childcare service in 2008, while pregnant with her third child. She already had Tilly and Jack to enjoy life with, and now Bella and Sam have also joined the family.

With a strong background in sheep and cattle farming, it was while she was raising her four small children on the farm that she realised how so many children miss out on this wonderful life – purely by circumstance.

And so The Farmhouse was born.

With families in the Mansfield district desperate for adequate childcare solutions, building The Farmhouse was a way to provide these much needed services.. and bring the farm to town!

Prior to The Farmhouse, Kim was in partnership running one of Victoria’s largest lamb operations.

In her earlier years she completed her Bachelor of Business and spent more than a decade in tourism and destination marketing. While having children Kim also completed her Advanced Diploma in Rural Business Management and Advanced Diploma in Agriculture.

Other Applicants

If you like the sound of what we’re doing and would like to be a part of it, please drop us a note and let us know (a letter and resume would be really helpful):

Kim Stoney – The Farmhouse
PO Box 733, Mansfield Victoria 3724
or email kim@thefarmhouse.net.au

To discuss further, please feel free to call Kim on 0417 503 000.