Welcome to Nature Kinder

Nature Kinder is The Farmhouse’s three-year old nature-based Kindergarten program, during which children are provided with opportunities to just ‘be’.

Your child will also be able to experience new adventures, meet new challenges, and at all times – have fun !

Nature Kinder is a gentle introduction to educational concepts in an environment where children can be content within a natural setting.

Our 1km native corridor on-site enables children to become familiar with our native Australian trees, shrubs and birdlife as they head out on adventures with their educators.

How we are different

Actively utilising the outdoors as a classroom builds children’s confidence, character, trust and resilience, as they develop their understandings of the interdependence between land, people, plants and animals.

Nature Kinder provides children with a beautiful opportunity to flourish as they explore a whole new environment for themselves, making sure they feel safe, secure and supported throughout.

We appreciate this may be the first time you’ve entrusted your child to others outside of family, and we take that responsibility seriously. Your child’s contentment is our utmost priority and we work closely with parents and guardians to ensure there’s a smooth and comfortable transition.

Group programming 2021

There are two Nature Kinder groups to choose from in 2021.

These groups provide 6 hours of three-year-old kinder education, consisting of two three-hour sessions per week. Sessions for all groups are in the mornings, running from 9am to 12pm.

Feel free to choose the group that works best for your child and your family.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Possums Wombats   Possums Wombats

Additional care options

Life’s busy, for all different reasons. To help the running of your week, The Farmhouse offers before and after kinder care to Nature Kinder children. Your child can attend The Farmhouse before kinder, and is then walked across to the Kindergarten building ready commence their kinder session. At the end of the kinder session, your child is walked back by our staff to The Farmhouse for a seamless day. Many children do one or both of the above and enjoy the security this offers.

Enrolments are OPEN!

To avoid disappointment, please let us know as soon as possible that you would like to join us. Feel free to come and see Bush Kinder for yourself!

3494 Maroondah Highway, Mansfield.

Just 2 minutes from the centre of town!