Education starts in the early years

A child’s first experiences and interactions will shape their early knowledge of themselves and the world around them.

“When little ones feel comforted, safe and loved, they will build self-confidence. Creating stimulating and interesting learning opportunities lets little ones develop a love of learning. When you offer support and praise, a child will feel encouraged to try their best”, said Kim Stoney, Founder of The Farmhouse, Mansfield.

Education starts in the early years, long before children commence kinder or school. The lessons children learn in their early years can set them on the right path. Parents are a child’s first teacher, helping them to grow strong, proud and capable. Working alongside parents are early childhood educators in education care settings when parents are
otherwise busy.

The Farmhouse is Mansfield’s most-diverse early learning centre where children enjoy a nature-based learning environment with experienced educators who support children on their learning journey.

“Children develop a sense of identity from a young age, as well as discover the early understandings of literacy, numeracy, health and nutrition. Our educators ensure children feel comfortable and happy so each child can reach their full potential,” said Kim.