Bush Kinder went to Mt Buller

Kinder children at The Farmhouse are well prepared for school through their innovative kindergarten program that is well connected to our local community. Amongst other things, building children’s resilience is fundamental to a child’s learning journey.

Last week the Bush Kinder children were incredibly resilient as they enjoyed the abundant snow on Mt Buller where they had a magical day of tobogganing and pure wonderment!

As the children approached the mountain much of the bus trip was spent with the constant chant of “Snow snow snow” as each bend took them higher and higher. “For many this was the first time they’d seen the snow and certainly for most it was their first time tobogganing”, said Kim Stoney, Founder of The Farmhouse.

The Bush Kinder program engages children with their natural environment so these children are well connected to the Australian Bush by regularly taking trips to the bush in each of the seasons. Visiting Mt Buller was therefore integral to the children appreciating Winter hands-on and what this means for us locally.

Strong community partnerships are fundamental when raising our local children and Wednesday saw Snowplay Tours kindly hosting the Bush Kinder children.

“Learning through tactile and engaging play is a fundamental aspect of our program and this was experiential learning at it’s best !”, commented Kim Stoney. “Bush Kinder children benefit from the strong community partnerships we have; it was a wonderful day of memories for everyone”.