SES Morning Tea for WOW Day

Today was the SES WOW Day! (Wear Orange Wednesday)

We put out an invitation to the SES a couple of weeks ago for them to join us for a Morning Tea today in their honour. We were THRILLED when so many SES Super Heroes joined us for orange cake made by our amazing kitchen team.

After the wonderful excitement of the SES trucks and lights, complete with a display in our car park for the children, everyone sat together and shared morning tea. We gathered as a community, bringing together children attending childcare, Nature Kinder (3yo kinder) and Bush Kinder (4yo kinder). It was such a special day !

As we have our own kitchen on site we were also able to design a wonderful orange-dedicated menu for the day where the children also enjoyed pumpkin soup for lunch, pumpkin and cheese scones for afternoon tea served together with cantaloupe, watermelon and oranges.

The attached photos is just so precious !

We were thrilled to show these SES Super Heroes how important they are to our community and how grateful we are for their dedication.